Trump records 'strongly corroborate' sex assault claims, eristic says

President Donald Trump’s own records "strongly corroborate" the regulatory offense accusations of Summer Zervos and belie the president’s denials, the previous contestant on "The Apprentice" aforementioned in an exceedingly court filing Thursday.

Zervos has alleged Trump "repeatedly touched her, groped her, and kissed her" on multiple occasions in late 2007 and early 2008, however he has denied it and referred to as her a beguiler.

"To be clear, I ne'er met her at a building or greeted her unsuitably a decade past," Trump aforementioned in an exceedingly 2016 statement. "That isn't WHO i'm as someone, and it's not however I’ve conducted my life."

Now, Zervos aforementioned there's evidence the Trump Organization was forced to show over as a part of her defamation causa filed in ny Supreme Court earlier this year.

"In specific the Trump Organization has made copies of Defendant’s calendar entries and itineraries from late 2007 through early 2008 – the amount within which Ms. Zervos reportable she met with and was ill-treated by suspect," the court filing states.

One document that Zervos says she got from the Trump Organization to support her claims includes itinerary documents that show Trump flew from city to la on Dec. 21, 2007, and stayed at the metropolis building for 2 nights, as well as once Zervos has alleged Trump "grabbed and sexually ill-treated her in his metropolis building house."

Zervos additionally enclosed a replica of AN email that she aforementioned was sent to the Fox News tip line with the topic line "Trump hit on Pine Tree State."

"I was on the Apprentice. when the show was completed, Trump invited Pine Tree State to a bedchamber underneath the colour of operating for him. He had a distinct agenda. Please contact Pine Tree State to talk more as I actually have tried to create contact," the e-mail expressed, in line with the court filing.

There is an extra piece of proof Zervos is seeking, AN some nine-page document the Trump Organization has selected confidential. Zervos has asked the decide to force the Trump Organization to carry the designation.

"Defendant obviously is aware that the documents in dispute closely corroborate Plaintiff’s elaborated account of their interactions," her court filing aforementioned. "That isn't a legitimate reason for suspect to use the Confidentiality Stipulation to still conceal the reality."

Trump's attorneys haven't commented on the most recent court filing.

Trump faces a point in time of Dec. vi to take a seat for a deposition during this case. in an exceedingly ruling issued last week, the court ordered Trump to submit four doable deposition dates between currently so

The president argued unsuccessfully that the state had no jurisdiction over him to listen to Zervos’ defamation case. He had vulnerable to charm to New York’s highest court however has ne'er followed through.

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